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Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Edgycate is back from a three-year hibernation. Yes, the blog and I were in sleep mode so that we could take a break and refresh because I didn’t feel excited by writing an educational blog spouting the latest parenting techniques or reading tips.  Parenting is a monumental task and everyday is a challenge.  Some days are triumphant and some embarrassing failures.  Enough said.

 So, what becomes of edgycate?

In my counseling sessions and guidance lessons with high school students, I talk about finding a spark.  Finding that thing that makes you want to get up everyday.  That one thing that makes you lose track of time. Talking on the phone with friends is a spark.  Drawing is a spark.  Playing basketball is a spark.  Being with animals can be a spark.  (For more information about sparks go to and )

 Some people don’t know what their spark is yet.  Totally normal.  Some people have more than one.  Sparks can also change and evolve over time.  My sparks are counseling teens and reading and writing books.  So, I decided to take my own advice and create a website dedicated to issues that teens face and the books that deal with them.

 Ultimately, we want to know that someone else “gets” us.  That someone else has experienced something similar or parallel to the crap that we live through.  High school can be abominable, phenomenal, and all those crevices in between.  Growing up is confusing.  Being grown-up is difficult.  We all see life through our own lens and yet it can be so reassuring when we look at life through someone else’s filter.  You are not alone.  You may feel alone and awkward, but I promise you, someone out there understands. is on its way with YA book recommendations for the difficult  issues facing teens today.  There will be book reviews, suggestions, discussions, and resources for teens and educators.  

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Paige Britt said...

Welcome back! Glad you're sharing your spark with the world.